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Daily Office Cleaning

The importance of high standards of cleanliness cannot be underestimated, nor can the impact that your offices have on all who use them.

UK Commercial Window Cleaning

At GSF UK, we have developed special techniques for cleaning windows in high-rise buildings and other places that are particularly difficult to access.

Industrial Cleaning

Whatever industrial sector you work in, your objective will be the continuity of efficient production is a safe working environment. You can rely on GSF to share these objectives and deliver a programme to suit your company's needs.

Specialist Cleaning

GSF provide a comprehensive range of Specialist Cleaning services such as Computer Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Deep Cleaning.

Data Centre Cleaning

GSF understand delicate environments such as Data Centres and have designed specialist cleaning procedures, equipment and training to provide a clean working environment without causing undue damage to sensitive equipment.

Waste Management

Due to annual increase of the Landfill Tax it is commercially viable to pre-treat waste on site. By implementing appropriate recycling schemes, the amount of general office waste that goes to landfill is significantly reduced therefore costs of recycling can be fully covered.

Management of Associated Services

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Daily Office Cleaning Window Cleaning Industrial Cleaning Specialist Cleaning Data Centre Cleaning Waste Management Management of Associated Services

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