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Due to annual increase of the Landfill Tax it is commercially viable to pre-treat waste on site. By implementing appropriate recycling schemes, the amount of general office waste that goes to landfill is significantly reduced therefore costs of recycling can be fully covered.

The benefit to this is the reduction of consumption (and therefore - costs) of paper, toners, water, energy and others. This will also have a positive change on your corporate culture.

To ensure we deliver value for money service is always site specific and begins with designing site specific recycling scheme. We will carry out full research on site waste streams and recycling possibilities. On some sites minor changes in existing waste management might be required, on others they are significant.

GSF will submit the proposal for several waste management schemes, after the approval of the most appropriate GSF in cooperation with the Client will implement it by the defined deadlines. It will require some efforts on behalf on the Client due to necessity to raise environmental awareness of its employees and achieve the compliance with implemented waste pre-treatment / recycling procedures.

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