GSF’s Latest Member of Staff

We employ a wide range of people at GSF all with their own unique personalities and skills, unfortunately, our newest team member refused to wear their uniform for this photo opportunity fearing it may ruffle his feathers….. they have since been spoken to!

World Nuclear Exhibition Day Two

Day two of the WNE – World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris and it’s the turn of our UK Managing Director Jerome Solia to take the microphone and discuss our work within Nuclear sites. Interesting topic as our cleaning services are used across many energy sites to enhance environments. Also, Jerome does look very comfortable on the mic!

World Nuclear Exhibition Day One

Various speakers took to the microphone of Delphine Giordano to answer his questions about nuclear power and its activities in France. At the moment, it is the turn of Paul-Emmanuel Schoeller, Director of Nuclear and Thermal Communication for the EDF Group. He closely followed Jerome Nussbaumer, CEO of GSF Energia, who presented the GSF Group’s cleaning and services activities carried out in…

Photo Competition 1st Place

Happy Thursday everyone, with the Coronation just around the corner, GSF UK have our own celebration…… Our Photo Competition 1st place winners !!!! Incase you’ve missed it we ran a photography competion to capture “a day in the life” at GSF. Our winning teams pictures are captioned “what you can achieve by working as a…