Self-sufficiency, immediate responsibility, training mobility… We do everything to provide you genuine and quick perspectives for development, so that you can go as far as as our growth needs and your talent allows !

Enthusiasm, availability, initiative, curiosity, determination and the ability to develop new skills are essential at GSF. It is even more important in a company open to every level and type of qualification, and for whom a diploma is not a prerequisite to a career.

This is why GSF, to help its employees develop in their professional career and acquire the necessary expertise to succeed, offers and provides training according to company requirements and adapted to employee levels and responsibilities.

Through its own training organisation, GSF invests and dedicates most of its training to the initial integration stage and support phases for employee careers, meeting the specific requirements of each person according to their role and their levels of responsibility.

These training courses, which represented an investment of 7.4M€ for 100,000 hours in 2010, enable the men and women at GSF to improve their professional approach and swap experiences and expertise in a respectful environment.


Different production companies in Group GSF work together to help employees move forward.

After a successful experience within a business, a GSF employee can change business unit or production company as part of their career development plan.

Beginning a new role with new situations, providing expertise to new teams, these are the challenges that will help you build your career.